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Layered Leaders

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Hi leaders! Jason here, welcome to the layered Leadership group where we solve problems that every pharmacy has.

Pharmacists everywhere are notorious for working within their small bubble, creating solutions for their specific pharmacy. These solutions never get organically shared and this is a space to do it.

Layered leadership is about Pharmacists becoming better managers, owners or leaders. It is about taking care of ourselves, through sleep, nutrition and education to build better pharmacy teams, find work-life balance, prevent burnout, level-up their reputations and get paid for their true worth. These leaders make optimal contributions to their patients, staff and business.

If you are getting this message you have visited the website and are a champion of leadership.

Let's start by getting to know each other a little better first.

I'll start and encourage you all to share a little about yourself.

I'm Jason, a pharmacy manager from Ontario. Canada. Super simple. I'd love to hear who else we have!

Thanks and chat soon!



Welcome to the Layered Leaders private boardroom! You can ...
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