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The Best Compliment You Can Give Someone

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In one of our pharmacies, we hired someone without pharmacy experience for the front shop. She worked part-time being a secondary student and was quick to learn. She was quiet, listened attentively and absorbed information like a sponge. She quickly grew in proficiency and responsibility. Without bias from past pharmacy experience or bad habits passed down from jaded Pharmacists, she bought-into our philosophy and culture. We realized the potential and gave her ownership of small tasks with the instruction to invent better ways of getting small, specific things done. She made us better and accepted responsibility proudly. Her knowledge and skill continued to grow so we trained her in the dispensary. There came a day that I told her that she would make a good Pharmacist. She ran with. Researching the University application process and taking extra courses through the summer to ensure she had the required pre-requisites to enhance her chances of being admitted.
When the time came for her post-secondary program to begin placements, she had to move on and when the pandemic halted the placements, she was left without work. It was then, that we gave her the greatest compliment I believe a leader can deliver. We found a summer student grant and told her:
"We’ll create a job for you.”
We didn’t precisely know what role she could take on, how long the stint would be, how much we could pay her or what to call her role. All we knew is that with her involved, we would be better and that she could help us create something from nothing.
We are currently awaiting confirming of the grant and have a few ideas of what she might work on, but the details are sparse. The grant will only cover a small amount of compensation so we will have to find the rest. What we do know in full guarantee is that we trust ourselves and her work ethic and we believe in our philosophy of investing in people.
Stay tuned for an update about what happens.
To be continued...

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