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Public Speaking

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Jason's Core Messages

The world is not short on pharmacies. But it is struggling with leading them, inside and out. Pharmacists work hard at caring for others, but who is caring for them?

Jason brings stories, lessons and relevant tools derived from first hand experience from over a decade and a half of being a practicing pharmacist, manager and pharmacy owner. 

Being 'one of their own', healthcare provider audiences buy-in and find entertainment paired with tangible take-aways in how to lead better teams and build better businesses without sacrificing the health of those who run them. 

Some of his most popular speaking topics include:

  • Habits & Systems of a Healthy Pharmacist (Sleep & Nutrition for HCPs)

  • The 7 Characteristics of Ideal Pharmacy Leaders

  • Pharmacist Burnout Prevention

Bio      Jason Chenard RPh, BScPhm, BCGP, CDE

Jason is a practicing pharmacist and pharmacy manager at Metro Pharmacy in Ontario and the owner of Noelville and Alban pharmacies. He graduated from the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Toronto in 2008. He is a board certified geriatric pharmacist, certified diabetes educator and the founder of Layered Leadership, a leadership and wellness platform for pharmacists and their teams.

He is obsessed with curating small yet high-performing teams that accomplish big things and building systems that automate our energy-draining lives. He is a triathlete, youth hockey coach and lives with his wife and two children in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

Surprise Me!

No one likes surprises (oh really?)...

Jason loves a challenge. It makes him invent and some of his best talks have come when a conference comes to him with a request.

Hit him, if is touches the pharmacy, leadership or wellness space let's brainstorm. 


Check out Jason's blog for something you'd like him to expand on. 

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