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MODIFIABLE WORD DOCUMENT so you can tweak to your specific preferences. 


The ultimate bundle for clinicians looking to automate workflow, reduce tedious repetition and scale service volume.


Save time and have bulletproof documentation with these one-page templates that cover all 13 minor ailments  (PLUS the 6 new ailments coming October 1st, 2023) for Ontario Pharmacists' prescribing.


Now also include Tamiflu and Paxlovid templates in one page together. 


Don't miss red flags, prompt yourself with in-scope (and out-of-scope) drugs, protect yourself from audit and easily implement this essential tool into a standardized workflow.


No need to remember which drugs you can prescribe and which you cannot. 


All 13+6 minor ailments divided into body system within 6 templates. 


Add your pharmacy info at the top or keep the templates updated in this modifiable MS Word document. 


All-in-one form: assess, prescribe, document, notify prescriber. 


As a bonus...Tamiflu/Paxlovid one-pager with clinical info as well as Ontario patient eligibility, billing PINs and McKesson item #s. 



Pharmaceutical Opinions

Naloxone prescribing & dispensing

Flu Shots, immunizations & travel vaccines

Geriatric medication review

Central fill consent form

Shingles precribing & injection

Injection for demonstration form

Fax doctor form


Disclaimer: Templates are not intended to replace individual practioner knoweldge, skill and judement. Pharmacist discretion is required while asessing, documenting, precribing, dispensing to and counselling any patient.

RxDECK: Modifiable Clinical Templates for Pharmacists

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