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NOTE: this product is included in RxMIND


Over years of interviewing the hard way, I have developped a set of tools that I couldn't operate without. No more awkward cold calls, rehearsing what to ask next or stressing about how to end the conversation after you've heard enough.


Valued at $250! 


These templates set you up to interview with more confidence, more efficiency and with laser-focus.


Page 1 allows you to cut the fluff and ask the right questions to optimize your time and find the candidates that stick. It’s a pre-screening form that can be emailed to candidates who submit resumes, allowing you to filter through the garbage, make less low-value cold calls and save you valuable time.


Page 2 sets you up to identify the must-have traits needed for the position and gives the top questions I ask during all interviews, fine-tuned over interviewing hundreds of good (and not so good) candidates. No more cheesy: “how is your strength/weekness".  This gets you straight to the conclusions you need to make crucial decisions.


Page 3 is a friendly pharmacy assistant quiz to find out where they are in current knowledge and skill, without you having to sit through an hour of stories that may or may not be embellished.



My Pharmacy Depth Chart allows you to quickly asses your staff in terms of what you have, what you don't and what you need to hire for. It pairs with my Pharmacy Staff Training Step Ladder to help you visualize how bringing in someone with little to no pharmacy experience can develop and how that affects everyone else. 


Also included: the pharmacy personality trifecta bar graph & pharmacy staff personality sliding scale bar graph for easy interviewing


Extra Bonus: sample employment agreement to help you write yours for any new hire (not intended as a substitute for legal counsel)


Get immediate access to yours now and level-up the way you interview!

Interview Kit

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