Your Error, My Fault

written by Jason Chenard

You reach the full potential of your leadership capability on the day you realize it is all your fault.

You may not be the one who fumbled the baseball, but you were the leader who built the systems for catching it. You oversaw the decisions that lead to selecting that player and putting them in that position. You supervised the training and development process, you signed off on the uniform that included the shape of hat peak that failed to fully block the sun from the player’s eyes, you hired the coaching staff that lead a hard practice the day before that exerted the player and you approved the use of the analytics that told the trainers the player was the fit to play. Ultimately, you created the culture that allowed failure to occur. They missed a catch and it is your fault

Leaders who cannot own the A to Z of their team have not yet reached their maximum potential. When subpar performance occurs, we must realize that our fingerprints

are all over the products our teams put out.

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