The Yearn for Culture in LAYERED

3 ways leaders analyze the WAY they live

written by Jason Chenard

Being able to describe the ideas, behaviours and attitudes of the way things are done gives clarity to future decision making.

It is the pulse of daily activity of an organization and instills confidence that unknown challenges will be met using building blocks from precedent events.

It is the core of an organization, bigger than any one individual regardless of job title.

We crave it, actively seek it out and publish its understanding internally.



Culture relates to sleep.

  • Your sleep is the average of your daily habits, behaviours and ideas

  • Your house has an atmosphere

  • You housemates talk and act in certain ways, with certain attitudes

  • Are are these sleep-welcoming or sleep-inhibiting?

  • How is your average evening set-up at home as it relates to screen time, alcohol or blue light?

  • What is the accepted understanding of these routines?


Culture relates to nutrition.

  • What do the conversations around your house sound like about food?

  • How often does take-out happen and what is the "go-to" option when you do?

  • How often do you make extra for lunch the next day, have to replenish the fruit crisper or visit the chip cupboard?

  • Do you eat in front of the TV or at the table?

  • Do you eat together or alone?

  • Do you eat around the same times each day when possible?

  • Change the regular discussions around eating so that they promote healthy eating instead of push it away.

  • Don't aim to grind through 3 consecutive days of clean eating, aim to establish a household culture of nutrition and proper fueling.


How would you rate your cultures driving sleep, nutrition or work success?

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