The Limitless Humility in LAYERED

It's not all about you

written by Jason Chenard

The essence of humility is that of being fundamentally human as we:

  • accept our faults

  • put our ego aside

  • put mission before self

  • put extravagant effort into the care of others personally and professionally

Humility allows us to pilot ideas before their launch and accept feedback to empower change.

IMPORTANT: It makes the other dimensions come alive.



Humility relates to sleep.

  • I'm not invincible, I need sleep

  • Evening caffeine, blue light, alcohol and heavy meals reduce my sleep quality (even if I don't realize it the next day)

  • I didn't do everything I could yesterday to get the best night's rest and that's my fault


Humility relates to nutrition.

  • I'm not invincible, I can't just overeat regularly

  • I cannot "out-exercise" a bad diet

  • Am eating well but not losing weight (but am I truly eating as well as I say I am?)

  • I sometimes mistake which foods are protein/carbs/fat

  • A coach would help me


How limitless is my humility?

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PS: Give the humble gift of choice.

Let them choose between the Sleep, Nutrition or Leadership

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