The Elemental Belief in LAYERED

3 ways leaders find themselves

written by Jason Chenard

A foundational understanding of who we are, what our teams are made of and what got us here serves as fuel to continue. This depth of self-awareness leads to trust when unprecedented challenge exists and an understanding of how to adapt within our ever-changing industry. Believing in oneself pushes away jadedness and assumes internal best intentions when results go astray.



Belief relates to sleep.

  • Trust that when you win at sleep, downstream wins happen

  • Understand that going to bed on time is the right answer

  • Have faith that skipping the alcohol or late night snack will bring benefits beyond the immediate gratification they seem to promise

  • "I want to stay up to finish this movie, but I know that the extra hour of sleep will give me something I want greater tomorrow."


Belief relates to nutrition.

  • Trust that when you win at clean eating, downstream wins happen

  • Understand that packing a lunch instead of opening the food app is the right answer

  • Have faith in recognizing that you don't NEED this snack.

  • "This is just 'kitchen boredom snacking' and I'll just skip this one."

  • I know that a healthy diet is often about what I don't eat.


Are you believing in yourself enough? If you don't believe in yourself, who will?

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