The Absolute Autonomy in LAYERED

3 serious choices you have to make today

written by Jason Chenard

Giving others the right of choice and self-regulation gives them a reason to come to work each day.

When given fully, or absolutely, instead of only optically, it empowers creation and job satisfaction.

It offers respect and ensures respect back.

It more easily leads to buy-in and generates final products that supersede that of a sole dictator-leader.



Autonomy relates to sleep.

  • The choices you make during the day set up that night's sleep

  • Dealing with stress in healthy ways, keeping caffeine before noon, avoiding large meals/fluids/alcohol in the evening, moving strenuous workouts to morning or afternoon instead of evening, taking medications at the proper time of day, cool room temperature (18 degrees celcius), limiting evening blue light are all within our control and active choices we make

  • Your choice: find an excuse or find success


Autonomy relates to nutrition.

  • Daily we have choices: the easy (usually not the healthy) & the harder (usually the healthier)

  • Stick to the principle of meal planning so you are not hungry and desperate at the same time

  • Make extra, make ahead and use Tupperware!

  • Seeing food as choices gives a sense of control and offers buy-in since it is your plan instead of someone else telling you what you need to eat


Will you make the right choices today? It's on you.

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PS: Give the gift of choice.

Let them choose between the Sleep, Nutrition or Leadership

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