Stay the Course

3 Ways Leaders Stick with It

written by Jason Chenard

Sticking with the right things long enough optimizes the chances of success. The problem is, staying the course is hard for 3 reasons described in this week's Ready section.


Sleep is not always an immediate fix. One really bad (or a few consecutive mediocre) nights' sleep will need a few nights of good sleep to get back on track. Humbly evaluate your habits, believe it is possible, use your sleep hygiene systems and decide to be disciplined. Stay the course.


Better body composition doesn't happen overnight. Eat right 21 meals per week and measure at the end of the week only. Then repeat. Humbly evaluate, believe in the systems and remain disciplined. Stay the course.


Staying the course is difficult because:

i) it's boring

ii) it's confrontational

iii) it makes us question ourselves

In a hyper-stimulating world that craves constant peaks of 'new-ness', success will be found in the ability to grind along the right course and resist temptation in a world of virtual abundance. Check out the full article here for the simple self-questions you can ask when deciding to pivot, or not.


Am I giving up too early ?


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