Saying No: How Leaders Make the Right Decisions

7 Key Questions that Leaders Ask to Better Navigate Know

written by Jason Chenard

Which trigger is the right one to pull? When should we pull it?


What if you can control how well you slept?

For many variables, you can.

To do this, ask yourself what will make you healthier, happier and more effective: staying up watching Netflix or getting to bed earlier so that a morning workout is possible?

What is more valuable to you: an afternoon coffee or an earlier morning in a quiet kitchen before the kids get up, prepping meals with a podcast and coffee?

What is more valuable to you: an evening drink or (insert morning vision here)…


What if you can control the result on the scale?

For many variables, you can.

Do I want this dessert or do I want to feel more confident without a shirt on?

Do I want to spend time grocery shopping and meal planning so I can: see smaller numbers on the scale on Friday, show a good example for my kids or live longer?


Being open to saying no to the "stuff" that offers mediocre results or immediate gratification opens the door to saying "Oh yeah!" to things that really matter. Hint: often, these are the delayed gratification elements of life.

Comfort can be had in knowing that some ‘no’ decisions are just as important as the ones we say yes to. Just as we navigate a path by selecting certain trails, we navigate a path by not selecting others.

Check out the full article here for 7 key questions leaders ask before making big decisions.


What will happen if I say no?


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