Reacting vs. Leading

How leaders get ahead of problems before they happen

written by Jason Chenard

Feel like you are constantly putting out fires? Reacting to problems is not only a time and energy suck, it never gives us a chance to fix a system for good and we never reap a benefit in having it function like clock-work.

How to the best leaders get ahead?

Their approach. It's based on 7 dimensions, found recurrently across great functioning systems and organizations, large or small.

In this week's Be Ready section, I'll show the different between reacting and leading.



Lead instead of react.

Don't wait for your to do list to settle before committing to going to bed early. Shock the system with a circuit breaker. Get to bed 1 hour earlier than your goal time, tonight!

Arrive tomorrow ahead of things and start the day off by solving a problem. To find out how to do this quickly, download your copy of the Sleep Guide here.


Lead instead of react.

Don't wait for your to-do list to settle before committing to eating right. Shock the system with a circuit breaker. Meal plan all of tomorrow's food tonight!

Arrive tomorrow with a plan for proper nourishment and whatever happens, stick to it. To find out how to do this quickly, download your copy of the Nutrition Guide here.


The difference between elites in any category is less than one per cent. The best of the best out do their colleagues across many measures of success, but in the end, what separates the greatest of the good is in the fine details.

Good leaders react well consistently to industry challenge. They are part of teams that fix stuff. Those leaders and those teams consistently find their way out of trouble and survive. They operate defensively, forever chasing success that has already been spoken for by their competitor.

To break away from the good organizations, the great ones lead.

How? Their dimensions.

They operate with limitless humility to offer absolute autonomy while instilling relentless systems and structure that define a culture for success.

A variety of people working systemically as if they were bred to continue improving daily. This decisive discipline allows them to stay true to their core values while forever improving their fringes.

While comparing themselves to no one, their esoteric grit allows them to constantly grind away at new self-improvement practices. They think about the future, they plan, they predict. They rationally change the game of their industry, forcing others to react to their precedent.

They exhibit an elemental belief in themselves, their teams and in what go them to where they are. They are first to new success by operating offensively, comparing themselves as the gold standard benchmark.

Good leaders react.

Great leaders lead. They do this because they are layered.


"What is my strongest dimension? What is my weakest?"


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