Leaders Measure the Right Things

When in doubt, start counting something

written by Jason Chenard

“Regardless of what one ultimately does in medicine – or outside medicine, for that matter – one should be a scientist in this world. In the simplest terms, this means one should count something.”

– Atul Gawande, Surgeon & Author of Better



Count sleep, not sheep.

  • If you have a sleep tracker, you already have a plan.

  • If you don't, simply log bedtime. Each night. For a month.

  • You are the average of you sleep opportunities this month, where sleep opportunity is the time if give your mind and body to repair.

  • For 8 hours of sleep, allow 9 hours of opportunity.


Count meals, not carbs.

  • If you have a food journal or meal app, you already have a plan.

  • If not, simply make zero, one, two or three check marks on your calendar each day. For a month.

  • Each check mark represents a healthy, balanced meal.

  • Then divide 90 meals by 30 and see what happens.


When unsure where to start, count a small precursor to your goal. Measure whether you won or lost and see what happens. Progress comes in what you measure.

In a future offering, I'll host a bootcamp (webinar style) and show some valuable pharmacy performance metrics. Check out a snippet here.

PS: I monitor heart rate & heart rate variability to assess readiness for my next workout?



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