Leaders Hit Reset (part 2)

When you blow it, reset

Building from last week, here are two ways you can reset, fast.

Fall, get up faster than the next guy and reset.

That's your advantage.


When you blow it, reset.

  • This accelerator course is for busy people!

  • In module 2, you'll uncover my secrets to managing a busy week yet keeping a healthy mind & body you priority

  • what exactly nutrition is

  • how much fat, protein and carb you need

  • what meal planning is & how to do it

  • a sample 1-week meal plan

  • why smoothies are different than milkshakes!

  • meal pics from some of my real clients

  • and a ton of other bonuses


When you blow it, reset.

  • This accelerator course is for anyone that sleeps!

  • In module 1, you'll uncover:

  • why we sleep

  • what's more important: REM or light sleep?

  • graphs from my sleep tracker

  • the essentials of sleep hygiene

  • an activity to perfect your daily routines to optimize nightly sleep

  • links to my favourite podcasts, books etc.

  • and a ton of other bonuses


When you blow it, reset.

You are not superhuman. You will fail. At times, you will eat sloppy and you will forego some sleep. Measure success not by failure but by putting in the reps of resetting your failures.

You'll love module 3, check out the table of contents...

In a future offering, I'll host a bootcamp (webinar style) and show some valuable pharmacy performance metrics. Check out a snippet here.

PS: When feeling off unplug & reset

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