Leaders have enough Eggs for the Job

Leading takes bravery since eggs go rotten

written by Jason Chenard

Leading people means we are not afraid to charge others with asking why. When others avoid judging the deficiencies of the current system or the people who developed it, real change can occur. For this to happen successfully, egos need to be put aside.

The operators of a system need to be given permission to think outside the box and imagine what things would look like if they were allowed to restart or reinvent. Those operators have all the knowledge, skill and experience to understand what would make something better and they understand where the deficiencies and inefficiencies are. Ask why.



Why sleep well?

  • Sleep is the foundation for all life's performance. Without it, we go rotten.

  • Listen to global sleep leader Dr. Mathew Walker's podcast appearances for fascinating explanations on Mother Nature's greatness creation:

As podcast guest on:

"The Drive" with Peter Attia here, here & here

"The Joe Rogan Experience" here

"Huberman Lab" here

"Feel Better, Live More" with Dr. Chatterjee here

"The Jordan Harbinger Show" here

As podcast host on:

The Matthew Walker Podcast here


Why eat well?

  • Because if you don't eat the eggs, you go rotten.

  • To find out the answers to your why, look at your spouse, children, or work mates. If you can't do it for yourself, do it for them.

  • If you still can't do it for them, sign up for a triathlon...this summer I'm attacking my personal best from 2018 here


Across human history, we were right when we were wrong. Good ideas turned out to be terrible ones with time. It does not mean our ancestors were wrong, it simply means their systems are not right for today. We once thought the Earth was flat, we thought seat belts were just an annoyance and we did not think smoking could be unhealthy. However, when we cracked those eggs, we changed the world.

Crack eggs and make omelets. Or don't, and go rotten.

PS: Had your eggs today?



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