Leaders Employ Patience

Patience in controlling for the long game

written by Jason Chenard

It’s 11pm, dark and raining. You are driving a dark road and although you are feeling tired you keep driving because you want to get home. You are going fast enough for your brain to process only the information available instantaneously within the glow of your headlights as the car moves forward. You are trusting that the road will be there when you get there. The environment simply will not allow you to plan beyond the headlights. Don't outdrive your headlights.



Think patiently ahead...no, more ahead.

  • The real benefits of sleep are maintained, not acquired.

  • Think of your sleep quality on a weekly basis.

  • The goal is to have a consistent sleep-well pattern, instead of ignoring it for 2 days only to crash the third night.

  • Sleep health doesn't work in extremes and 1 night of damaged or fragmented sleep often takes a few nights to repair.

  • Be patient, control what you can each day, optimizing those first and read your body.


Patiently think ahead... no, more ahead.

  • Eating well for the next meal is a win. Sustaining those habits for the week brings championships.

  • Always stay one meal ahead. For some parts of the week this means meal planning 2 or 3 lunches out, when you have time for kitchen prep.

  • Patiently control what you can around the grocery list, the food delivery apps, the food budget and meal times. Optimize those first and read your body.


Not outdriving your headlights means patiently understanding what you can control and having the discipline to mentally stay there. Leaders capable of doing this make decisions within their comfort zone, without worrying about what is beyond sight. It means thinking about the future, but not letting it overtake you.

Are you patiently optimizing what you can control?

Are the 'uncontrollables' taking you over?

PS: My wife and I waited patiently in the cold and I took a selfie with John Travolta



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