Leaders Build Scaffolds

3 Ways to Improve from Yesterday

written by Jason Chenard


Sleep scaffolding. Build from one good night of rest. Observe what you did right, then add another sleep-promoting element the next night. String together as many good nights as possible.


Nutrition scaffolding. Eat well for a day and build a good week. Eat well for a week and build into a month. Eat well for a month and build into a year.

"Your body is the average of the last 100 meals."

-Jason Chenard


Leadership scaffolding. Teachers build scaffolds. They build new knowledge from previous knowledge and adjust as the stems grow into branches. Explore the full article here to find out how leaders build scaffolds.

Shoutout to the Noelville & Alban Pharmacy teams for building a scaffold their community has never seen before. You all provide an indispensable service offering and are incredible at what you do, thank you!

A scaffold that took 4 years of developing upon previous steps. The best it yet to come.



What scaffolding can you build from today?


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