Finding a Coach

How Leaders Strive to Endlessly Better Themselves

written by Jason Chenard

Merry Christmas

Wishes of happiness & health to you and family!

May your 2022 be filled with great sleep, nutrition & leadership.

When in school, your teachers are in front of you.

When at work, your colleagues are in front of you.

When in sport, your coaches are in front of you.

But for leaders, there is no one else up top. For this reason, leaders must seek out their next coaches. Click here to watch this inspiring must-see TED talk from author & physician Dr. Atul Gawande on how he became a better surgeon by hiring his old professor to observe him in his operating room (7:20 mark).

Hire Jason...

as nutrition coach,

as a speaker at your event,

as a sleep consultant,

as a consultant to your dispensary or workflow design,

as a consultant to your staffing plan or staff challenges.

Don't settle for trying to make it on your own. Find the coach you need at Layered Leadership.

"I don't come to you today as an expert. I come to you as someone who has been really interested in how I get better at what I do and how we all do."

-Dr. Atul Gawande at TED


Who can make me better at my craft?


PS: Give the gift of choice.

Let them choose between the Sleep, Nutrition or Leadership

tools from the online shop

***click gift card to personalize & explore***

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