Find Your "Ninety"

3 Ways to Find your Sweet Spot

written by Jason Chenard


Find the sweet spot. A cool bedroom, defined as 18 degrees Celsius, sets up for great sleep quality. Elements that raise body temperature and cause nighttime awakenings: eating too late, stress, alcohol within the hours before bed. Check out how body temp degrades morning readiness as presented by my Oura ring sleep tracker.


Find your sweet spot. Set a meal plan for the week and include one or two meals that allow healthy take-out. Realism trumps idealism.


Find your sweet spot. Triathletes call it "the 90" on the bike. It's a pedal cadence of 90 strokes per minute that balances power and energy conservation. Explore my full article here.

Set progressive expectations for your team and commit to them.


How can you be disciplined AND realistic at the same time?


Shoutout to Pharmacist Bled Tanoe, Woman Pharmacist of the Year award candidate who is fighting to improve pharmacy environments for optimal patient care, one step at a time.

Disciplined and realistic.


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