Clearing the Slate to Push Your Potential

3 Ways Leaders Wipe Today Clean for a Great Day Tomorrow

written by Jason Chenard


Clear the slate. Write down the chatter before bed so it's on paper instead of in your head. Check out the Mindset Challenge Log to find out how leaders use simple tactics from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to validate their negative thoughts for a more clean, high-performing mind.


Clear the slate. Cheats happen, so stop ruminating in the guilt and make the next meal count. Reset next time you eat with the right choice. Plan for cheats by knowing your reset meal ahead of time. Make it a go-to by having those ingredients on hand.

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Clear the slate. Find out how leaders use these 3 tactics to wipe the day clean and attack tomorrow when the sun rises again. Explore that full article here to find out what I mean by:

  • "nightstand notepad"

  • "discuss, don't rehearse"

  • "schedule the worry"


How will you clear the slate tonight?

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