Clearing the Slate

written by Jason Chenard

Success takes time. This means leaders and teams will need to be productive and high-performing year over year, over year. To run this marathon, we need systems and philosophies that can consistently hold our production without burnout. Clearing the slate makes this happen.

Clearing the slate means showing up each day with the discipline of delegating as many items from your to do list to others. Explain ahead of time that you are passionate about what we do and think about it a lot. This deep thinking generates many action items, that you alone could never accomplish. Thus, you need to hand them off to people who can do a better job of them than you can. You cannot do each of these tasks, but you can follow-up and support each one. Each day, clearing the slate frees you up to ensure the items only leaders can do get done without dropping other important balls. Those balls get done better by others, allowing them to invent and giving them a sense of ownership, purpose and reason for coming to work. It allows for more ideas to be cultivated and more actions to be piloted, all while ensuring mental durability for years to come.

Why do leaders have slates to clear?

When you are truly passionate about something and in the right job, you think about it. It wakes you up at 4am and small events of daily life remind you about it. It becomes a productive, ubiquitous obsession. Therefore, in order to avoid becoming a prisoner of your mind and find balance between work and life, you must be able to turn the work off at the right times.

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"Nightstand notepad", " Discuss, don't brainstorm" & "Schedule the worry"

in order to clear the slate here.

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