Being a Great Passer

3 Ways Leaders Champion the Assist

written by Jason Chenard

Learning from NHL Hall of Famer Wayne "The Great One" Gretzky

PS: The article mentioned in this week's Be Ready section explains how leaders can set up their teammates/housemates for a win.


Being a great passer means more than sleeping on it.

Passing the puck might be getting the kids' pajamas on early so the other parent has one less prime time fight during the bedtime routine, giving everyone more time for reading before bed.

Passing the puck might mean doing the dishes after dinner instead of swirling social media, reducing the evening chores list, offering energy for better sleep hygiene decisions.


Being a great passer means more than passing the salt.

Passing the puck might mean taking out something from the freezer in the morning so another person can cook a healthy dinner.

Passing the puck might mean making extra sandwiches so everyone has the right answer for a few days.


Be a great passer. Champion the assist.

The skill requires you to feed the puck to a moving player. It requires an attention to various detail, anticipating where your teammate will be given all the parameters in high-speed motion during a fast hockey play. It also requires you to let go of ego, giving others the glory of the goal.

Explore the full article here and be a great passer at work and at home.


How can you be a great passer?


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