Ask the Pharmacist!

You CAN actually eat right in a busy, interrupted dispensary

If you are busy at work and lunch is passing you by, this sandwich looks real good!


Take our own advice...

Give yourself the proper sleep OPPORTUNITY.

In the accelerator I explain this as:

9 hours of time in bed to get 7-8 hours of actual sleep

(and what needs to happen in the hours before that to make it all work)


Take our own advice...

Bring the right lunch for you that follows the macros you need each meal.

In the accelerator I explain this as:

30 grams carbs + 20 grams protein + 10 grams fat for females

(and how this is slightly different for males)


Take our own advice...

In the 3 modules of the Sleep & Nutrition accelerator we unlock the secrets to a proper night's sleep, tangible ways of eating properly for busy people and why setting your morning up properly is so critical.

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