Are your habits fumbling you?

Working hard to get the ball 99 yards isn't worth much if you don't cross the line and score.

Go all the way.

Rested & Fueled (see what I did there!)

Go all the way...

What's the benefit of winning at all your highly precise, meticulously installed life hacks like:

  • finishing the shower locked on ice-cold for 1 minute

  • reducing your morning caffeine to reduce your cortisol peak and AUC

  • blocking out 15-minutes to mediate mid-day

  • not having any sugar all day long

  • monitoring your blood glucose all day

  • eating low carb

  • putting in a well-timed early afternoon workout

  • wearing blue light blocking glasses in the evening

  • installing red light bulbs

(aka: carrying the ball 99 yards)

Then opening a bag of nacho chips at 9pm, two handfuls of chocolate chips and checking your phone one last time before bed...filling your belly with sugar, fat and retinas with blue light

(aka: fumbling your sleep)

You worked too hard to strategically set-up a great sleep, only to toss it away with 1 yard to go. Hard work no doubt pays off, but you only win if you score.

Are you fumbling the ball on the 99th-yard line?


Go all the way...

When you hire someone, you are committed. You can't sorta support them. You did your due diligence before pulling the trigger. That involved humbly admitting what you needed, having the belief, grit and discipline to execute your relentless system of recruiting and hiring before finally pulling the trigger.

The new staff member starts and new elements come into the picture. Some elements are as expected, other not so much. Your job: support them. Here are some of the one-off support mechanism I have witnessed for some new co-workers this year, each in an effort to support their specific needs at the time:

  • reducing hours/giving days off while we were short

  • paying out sick time for their second, third and forth shift (they are part of the team like everyone else)

  • allowing unaccrued vacation pay (they catch up to it in the months to come)

  • providing an income bridge to complete an external unpaid training program

  • switching someone to another of your pharmacy locations to better accommodate driving time/costs/home schooling schedules

  • paying for a rental car

  • building an employee assistance program for mental health counseling

  • finding a relocated employee a place to live

You said yes to hire someone with the information you had at the time. If challenges surface, it's not helpful to resent or wish differently on the hire. Instead, it's your job to support and transform.

You worked too hard to strategically set-up a system for posting ads, building a network, recruiting, cold calling, interviewing, zoom calling, back-ground checking, committing capital and making a schedule for training, only to toss it away with 1 yard to go. Hard work no doubt pays off, but you only win if you score.

Are you fumbling the ball on the 99th-yard line?






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