Above Average, Unwavering Belief

3 Self-beliefs successful people have in themselves

written by Jason Chenard


Sleep train yourself and you will become a believer. Imagine waking up refreshed and delivering on tomorrow. Be honest about sleep hygiene and trust that it works, instead of going to bed pre-defeated that you will sleep badly. Believe in sleep.


Know that you can look and feel the way you want. Plan 3 days of meals and trust that the right fuel will lead to the right things. Believe that you can stick to it.


If you don't believe in your decision, how do you expect others to buy-in.

Listen to feedback-->Evaluate -->Decide-->Commit until new info appears.

Trust that your core values and identity will get you through tough times.

Have above average, unwavering belief.


Are you trusting yourself? Are you a believer in yourself?


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