As a health care professional & Certified Diabetes Educator, I understand that food is confusing.
Fad diets are everywhere and everyone seems to be trying to sell you something.
My response: nutrition is different for everyone and not like 'one size fits all' stretchy pants!
By understanding your goals, habits, medical history, medications, family patterns, living arrangements and sleep behaviour, we can establish a relationship together and learn about your body specifically.
Your plan will be guided by three principles:  
1. Do not be hungry & desperate at the same time (stay at least 1 meal ahead)
2. Do not depend on willpower; develop systems
3. Understand why this matters to you
With these principles as a guide:
1. We do not count calories
2. We do not go hungry
3. We eat carbs
4. We do not depend on exercise
By the way, we involve Tupperware (since you won't be able to contain yourself!)


Expertise, Education, Support & Motivation
The program begins with a one hour consultation to share the good, bad & ugly. Tell me anything...
Then choose from three packages that create individualized meal plans, smart phone meal pics and weekly follow-up calls and make it easy to stick with. A food journal is offered for the independent stage while the weekly e-newsletter provides inspiration & fresh ideas.
 We can even have a bluetooth body composition scale shipped to your house.
Taking Picture of Food
Brian before after2_edited.png

Nutrition client Brian:
from 255 to 199 in 6 months

Checking Weight

Meal pics from real clients

Meal plans tailored to you



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