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Above Average, Unwavering Belief

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There are moments when a leader realizes that something new or historically unseen must occur for success to breakthrough.  It may be abrasive and unpopular because of doubters or may be a significant change from what is typically done in the industry.  In other words, it is not an average idea.  This is when leaders must have unwavering belief in themselves, their teams and what got them to that point.
Average ideas get the job done without making splashes, which bring discomfort when they are announced. They also bring beauty when they succeed.  Impactful contributions are above average.  They take more effort and carry more risk, because they are uncharted. They also generate unprecedented results.
At the end of the day, no one has put more thought into your initiative than you. So even when others drag the idea through the mud, it still deserves a pilot.  Only you understand the deepest details of the situation and we cannot expect others to understand the full spectrum of the topic, especially if the idea is not something that has been done before or is outside the average way of doing things.
Ultimately, we have to do what we deeply believe to be right.  In doing so, we could be wrong, but it is our job to do what you believe in.  Consider all the feedback being given and proceed with your deep belief in what is right. When the decision is made, commit to being all in and own it.  You may be wrong, and that is fine.  If you genuinely believe it is right, how could you not do it?
Decisions do not have to be popular to work; they just need to be well understood.  If we understand why something needs to be done, we do not expect immediate acceptance from others. We also understand that acceptance will come when success is visible.
If you do not believe in what you are doing, who will?

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